Matthew Pearce

I am a Sociologist researcher at UC Irvine who studies globalization, higher education, organizations and social informatics of the internet. In addition to a PhD from UC Irvine, I feel fortutate to hold degrees from two fine fine institutions. I also run a small software company. Please contact me if we can collaborate on something positive.

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ASA15 Orgs

An organizational look at the American Sociological Association 2015 program by section and institution.

UCI Merge

A framework in STATA to standardize the merging of international comparative datasets. UCIMerge creates conventions and a library of functions so that it becomes easier and faster to merge time series datasets, incorporate updates, make sure observations are consistent across years, conserve N and encourage reproducible research. It currently supports over 9 datasets including the WDI, Polity, CIRI and CNTS.