ASA 2015 Organizations

The American Sociological Association 2015 program by section and institution.

Research Funding Opportunities and Data Resources

Matthew Pearce / ASA15 Orgs / Research Funding Opportunities and Data Resources

Accepted Papers20
Authors / Paper 1.9
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Universities / Institutions

Accepted Papers Authors
Academia Sinica11
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality12
American Sociological Association25
Bureau of Labor Statistics11
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention23
City University of New York-Queens College and Graduate Center11
Dept. Health & Human Services11
Johns Hopkins University11
National Inst of Mental Health11
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development11
National Science Foundation12
NORC-University of Chicago13
Osaka University of Commerce11
Pennsylvania State University13
Princeton University33
Sungkyunkwan University11
Syracuse University11
The Ohio State University21
University of Connecticut11
University of Iowa11
University of Minnesota22
University of Wisconsin-Madison12