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Section on Crime, Law and Deviance

Matthew Pearce / ASA15 Orgs / Section on Crime, Law and Deviance

Accepted Papers44
Authors / Paper 1.45
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Universities / Institutions

Accepted Papers Authors
Baylor University11
Boston University11
College of William & Mary11
Cornell University11
Duke University11
Fayetteville State University11
Gallaudet University11
Indiana University11
Indiana University-Bloomington11
Johns Hopkins University11
Louisiana State University12
Marshall University11
New York University22
Northwestern University11
Pennsylvania State University11
Princeton University11
Purdue University11
Singapore Management University11
Southern Illinois University11
St. Francis College11
State University of New Jersey-Rutgers23
State University of New York11
State University of New York-Albany23
State University of New York-Buffalo11
State University of New York-Stony Brook11
Texas A&M International University12
Texas A&M University22
The Ohio State University11
University of Bologna11
University of California-Irvine11
University of Colorado-Boulder22
University of Evansville11
University of Georgia11
University of Illinois-Chicago11
University of Maryland11
University of Massachusetts-Boston22
University of Michigan11
University of Minnesota23
University of Missouri11
University of Nebraska11
University of Nebraska-Omaha11
University of Nevada-Las Vegas11
University of Pennsylvania22
University of Toronto22
University of Wisconsin-Madison11
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee11
Weber State University11
Webster University23