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Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility

Matthew Pearce / ASA15 Orgs / Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility

Accepted Papers53
Authors / Paper 1.38
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Universities / Institutions

Accepted Papers Authors
Berea College11
Brown University32
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention11
Central European University11
Columbia University22
Connecticut College11
Cornell University22
Duke University22
George Mason University11
Harvard University22
Indiana University11
Indiana University-Bloomington11
Institut National des Etudes DÌ©mographiques11
Lund University11
Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research and University of Leuven11
Massachusetts Institute of Technology11
Native American Community Clinic11
New York University11
Northwestern University22
Pacific Lutheran University11
Portland State University12
Princeton University22
Purdue University11
Stanford University11
Syracuse University11
The Ohio State University11
University of Alabama-Birmingham11
University of Arizona11
University of California-Berkeley34
University of California-Davis12
University of California-Irvine35
University of Chicago11
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign22
University of Kansas12
University of Melbourne11
University of Miami11
University of Minnesota22
University of Nevada-Reno12
University of North Carolina11
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill12
University of South Carolina11
University of T_bingen11
University of Texas-Pan American11
University of Utah11
University of Wisconsin-Madison11
University of Wyoming11
Utah State University11
Wellesley College11
Westminster College11
Willamette University11
Yale University12